8 April 2021 08:32
Game ended:
1 January 2060 - 1 January 2060
Company Lifespan Money Income Value Perf Score Exp Clients
maichim company 13m 48s
Newbie #6 Transport 00m 00s
Newbie #4 Transport 00m 00s
TheSiren Transport 32m 07s
banana inc 1h 07m 50s
Darion Transport 1h 25m 47s
ffuss Transport 09m 01s
Unnamed 00m 00s
Unnamed 11m 38s
Wembley Transport 16m 49s
Unnamed 1h 54m 35s
Unnamed 26m 04s
fed Transport 1h 06m 11s
Unnamed 03m 49s
Unnamed 08m 28s
Newbie #2 Transport 2h 13m 48s
Newbie #4 Transport 26m 44s
Newbie #3 Transport 40m 19s
Unnamed 13m 50s
Taurus Transport 32m 02s
New CB 5k 23 Sep 2129 7
New CB 10k 6 Dec 2134 6
Newbie #3 Transport 2h 00m 55s
ZigZag76 Transport 20m 55s
good Transport 4h 47m 44s
New CB 5k 8 Aug 2131 7
New CB 10k 1 Jun 2134 3
Unnamed 11m 36s
Newbie #3 Transport 36m 47s
kliky Transport 3h 07m 31s
New CB 5k 29 Jan 2125 7
New CB 10k 3 Sep 2128 4
O'Donnell & Co. 2h 09m 59s
Newbie Transport 09m 39s
Newbie #6 Transport 44m 07s
AnD Transport 2h 26m 44s
New CB 5k 27 Nov 2123 7
RobCo. 05m 07s
Forks Corp. Inc. Ltd. 05m 53s
Gump Co. 04m 11s
Newbie #6 Transport 06m 22s
Unnamed 1h 13m 13s
Cave Transport 08m 06s
Newbie #5 Transport 3h 16m 19s
Paranoiac #2 Transport 58m 31s
New CB 5k 28 Jan 2109 7
_SVEDETEL_ Transport 49m 21s
Ludi Transport 04m 38s
brunorockport Transport 2h 07m 06s
StrupertYtterfeldt Transport 02m 05s
LOAF Transport 1h 06m 06s
Unnamed 2h 32m 20s
Newbie Transport 01m 39s
Rilaantje Transport 03m 43s
Iwanbunin Transport 13m 11s
SurpriseMDFK Transport 4h 16m 32s
New CB 5k 19 Nov 2112 7
Kaligath Transport 31m 05s
Unnamed 1h 22m 43s
Newbie #5 Transport 05m 55s
Unnamed 00m 00s
New CB 5k 5 Sep 2116 7
Newbie #4 Transport 06m 13s
Newbie Transport 1h 03m 56s
StrupertYtterfeldt Transport 2h 18m 58s
New CB 5k 24 Nov 2099 7
joe Transport 01m 54s
Queezer Transport 33m 20s
Unnamed 04m 22s
Abumm Transport 05m 31s
TK Transport 01m 30s
Unnamed 2h 39m 38s
Newbie #7 Transport 02m 45s
Newbie #9 Transport 02m 54s
a man's Transport probably 1h 30m 27s
Unnamed 48m 04s
Unnamed 04m 36s
Unnamed 08m 30s
Mike Transport 03m 18s
Newbie #4 Transport 01m 52s
Trancontinental 1h 51m 29s
PCI Express 4h 40m 29s
New CB 5k 5 Jul 2098 7
Newbie #5 Transport 04m 53s
Miggy Transport 5h 03m 50s
New CB 5k 31 May 2086 7
New CB 10k 4 Feb 2089 4
New CB 30k 20 Nov 2095 9
Newbie #7 Transport 11m 18s
Rilaantje Transport 03m 16s
Unnamed 14m 44s
fed Transport 12h 33m 32s
New CB 5k 14 Sep 2084 7
New CB 10k 30 Oct 2087 5
New CB 30k 5 Jan 2111 14
BARATROUMA.CO 2h 05m 07s 10h 05m 01s
Player Transport 09m 30s
ООО ДВИН 3h 11m 45s
New CB 5k 13 Dec 2086 7
New CB 10k 4 Mar 2090 3
Newbie Transport 24m 16s
good Transport 6h 17m 10s
New CB 5k 25 Nov 2084 7
New CB 10k 30 Mar 2088 3
Queezer Transport 05m 53s
Bailey Jay Trans-Port 2h 23m 21s
New CB 5k 9 Aug 2081 7
Newbie #6 Transport 02m 45s
Unnamed 10m 47s
Unnamed 33m 46s
Vikos Transport 2h 04m 32s
New CB 5k 12 May 2080 7
New CB 10k 13 Apr 2083 4
Unnamed 11m 56s
Newbie #4 Transport 2h 04m 54s
New CB 5k 13 Dec 2079 7
Newbie #2 Transport 13h 30m 37s
New CB 5k 28 Feb 2102 6
New CB 10k 12 Mar 2123 4
maichimi 5h 49m 01s
Newbie #4 Transport 15m 21s
TrickBrick 1h 06m 04s
good Transport 04m 49s
warblewarble Transport 1h 51m 18s
New CB 5k 2 Dec 2075 7
New CB 10k 8 Nov 2076 2
lytzcorp 55m 12s
Unnamed 34m 26s
Unnamed 1h 44m 56s
New CB 5k 27 Aug 2072 7
Unnamed 2h 50m 41s
Unnamed 1h 27m 35s
Newbie #3 Transport 1h 22m 37s
Newbie #2 Transport 1h 17m 49s
Unnamed 2h 10m 49s 2h 12m 36s
Paranoiac #2 Transport 1h 20m 39s
New CB 5k 26 Jan 2069 7
Mike Transport 3h 52m 38s
New CB 5k 14 Apr 2070 7
New CB 10k 13 Oct 2078 6
Unnamed 1h 15m 50s
Unnamed 1h 07m 37s
Newbie Transport 59m 11s
The Art of War Company 3h 33m 11s
New CB 5k 15 Apr 2069 7
New CB 10k 16 May 2072 4