CityMania Two Years Anniversary Event (June 4th, 16:00 CEST)

Time flies and it's almost two years since we started our servers. And I think it's a good cause to celebrate that we're still alive and kicking :) Nothing too fancy this time, just a regular temperate city-builder without Newgrfs. Though I thought let's give another try to income-based cargo requirements (like in Christmas event). Meaning that you'll be required to make certain monthly income from cargo delivered to your town instead of its amount like in regular CB.

More details on forum.

Unfair advandage rule added

That's not really a new rule since it wasn't ever allowed to use multiple companies for your advantage, even on Novapolis. So I was quite surprised when I noticed that it's not mentioned in our rules anywhere. Guess it was considered to be obvious or something, I don't know. Well, now it's officially there. Though, as I said it doesn't change much, it's still considered to be a pretty minor rulebreak so you may get away with only your score and exp being reset for that game. But if keep breaking it repeatedly you may get yourself banned.

More details about it and some other minor changes on forum.

1.7.0 CityMania client update

Yet another major version update of OpenTTD traditionally released on 1 Apr. Sadly it also become a tradition that new releases have nearly nothing new in them. But this time at least realistic acceleration got enabled by default so may be we'll see less players building dumb tunnels ;)

Interestingly there are so little gameplay changes that you can pretty much use 1.7.0 CityMania client to play on 1.6.1 servers (see client changelog on how to do so). Though keep in mind that it can still desync if you do so, even if not very likely.

So yeah, you can get new version of our patched client here. But there will not be 32bit windows version for a while since stupid microsoft compiler crashed on it.

Christmas Event 2016

Ho! Ho! Ho! Its Christmas again! So it's time for our traditional event. And this year I got into NewGRF making so It's going to be a very unique game mode. You can get a sneak-peek at our preparations for it on our test server (CityMania #0), but some important things will be kept secret till the very event.

More details on forum

event teaser

Town growth emulator

I updated my town emulator and moved it to CityMania. It now can save layouts on website and has a bunch of new options.

Check forum for discussion.

Second try on 1.6.1

Turns out Microsoft added some new bugs to their C++ compiler in last update. One of them was causing our client to crash when joining ECS servers. So I did a simple workaround, updated binaries are available in usual place. It doesn't contain any new features so Linux and Mac users can skip this update.

1.6.1 update and servers renumbering

Initially I wanted to do new CB window in 1.6.1, but turns out it will take a while, so updating client and servers now.

Also using this opportunity to change some server numbers, as was discussed earlier. Quest servers now move to #10 and #11, and #1 and #2 become cash goal servers instead (former #3 and #4). As for new #3 and #4 they'll host our new multigoal citybuilder (5k, 10k, 30k), check it out if you haven't yet. It is also considered to be a replacement for old GS city-builder, so servers 14, 16, 17 were shut down. Classic CB servers (5, 6, 7) will remain same for now as there is nothing to use their numbers for just yet.

Anniversary Event Finished

It was a close competition for the first two hours, but in the end despr managed to pull ahead finishing 100k goal in 3 hours 11 minutes. Congratulations!

darulezzz was second with 77k town and Gelidis afked his way to the third place with 44k people.

More details can be found here, including savegame.

CityMania One Year Anniversary

So one year ago, we started the CityMania servers, we are growing, and the game experience is still really enjoyable, so it's a good time to do an event.

So we will organize a fat 100K citybuilder game on temperate climate.

We plan to do it on June 5th at 19:00 CEST, please have a look to this forum thread for more info.

April Release Day

New major OpenTTD version was released today (1.6.0). But don't let it fool you, there are hardly any changes from 1.5.3 whatsoever.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to work on our patched client either. Nevertheless, there are still some small but handy new features in this release ;)

Citymania got a new home

So as explained, we moved to another server, a more powerful and with better configuration. The game experience should be the same, but we will be able to provide more customization. One of the main thing you could realize is that our website is now with https, which means that we can talk securely about train now ;)

We will setup more servers soon, and an event might come sooner or later

note : as we changed IP, we have still some small problems, one of them is related to the client fast change server feature, which will be fixed with the next client release.

Server Migration scheduled

We will finally migrate the whole citymania to a new server. This will happen today, servers will be stopped, and hopefully will be back later ;) Keep you updated

Your city is growing !

We are about to change server, this will not change the game experience here much, but there might be some downtime. The goal here is to have a more flexible server backend, based on some sexy technologies (docker <3), which will let us deploy more servers across different dedicated servers. We will also upgrade the server list so don't hesitate to go check our forum and let us know which games you would like to have. In any case, I will try to warn you when I will do the effective switch.

Christmas time

Here it goes again, it's Christmas time ! The first Christmas time of citymania. Our servers doesn't need to rest so you will be able to enjoy chilly game or spectating other player building around.

In order to process all the things we will eat and drink during that period, we propose you an event, the first event of citymania ever ;) It was a busy year for us, and we didn't found time to organize and setup an event yet, but as suggested by one of our inspiring member (solo), we should and could do it.

So it will happen on Sunday 27th, it should be a toyland party where we would go for some toys, sweets and fizzy drinks income war (no industry funding) on a big map.

If you are interested, have a look to this thread in our forum, everything will be explained over the next days there.

New command to select game mode

Ever wanted to be able to select specific game mode rather than waiting for the mercy of random? Now you can do it with new !restart command! All you need is to give it some description of the game mode you want. For example !restart citybuilder 3 hours temperate 1990.

Read more on forum...

Bug in town growth mechanics

Yesterday I discovered a bug that sometimes makes towns grow faster than they are supposed to. Since it gives unfair advantage I reset some scores that I found to be affected (mostly blitz ones). Unfortunately we'll have to wait for the next OpenTTD release to completely fix this bug, but for now I made a workaround. CityMania servers destroy those "extra" houses that were build so overall experience should be pretty close to normal.

Pro tip: build roads one tile (or 1.5 tiles) further than CB town border is until this bug is fixed. It may appear to be HR but in fact "next" counter will not be reset.

extra house bug workaround illustration

The New Beginning

Hello everyone,

Welcome to CityMania, a spiritual successor of Novapolis and Luukland OpenTTD communities!

As you can notice we are not ready for official opening yet, still need some time to setup servers, complete website etc. I hope we'll manage to finish everything in about a week.

Novapolis user accounts were transferred, but without passwords, so you need to provide a new one by doing a password reset. Also if you had an account but didn't play any games you'll probably need to create a new one as those were not transferred. If you have some trouble with password reset process please contact me on Novapolis or our IRC channel: (