1. Quest servers(1 & 2): No competition, first station build -> first served! No competition on industries in quests servers. You can have maximally 1 unused station. This is to prevent industry reserving with lots of empty stations. No rating pushing.
  2. Goal servers: Competition allowed on primary industries. No self-competition. No using other companies to advance yourself. You can compete on primary industries but only to achieve the game goal. Having more than one loading station per primary industry (aka self competition) counts as blocking. No competition on secondary industries even if you are the second to deliver resources there. No rating pushing. No using other companies for helping your main one or preparing a good start.
  3. Only use english in general chat. No cursing, swearing or insulting!
  4. No blocking, no sabotaging, no unused property. Intentional sabotaging is a serious crime, you can get banned in no time for it. Just having some infrastructure that isn't used by your vehicles is acceptable, but take care not to block anyone with it (especially in cities), always leave enough space for others.
  5. Golden rule of City Builder. Inside border of town you claimed, self competition, land buying or building unused infrastructure is not considered rulebreak.

Calling a moderator

You can call moderator to solve a rule break by typing !admin [reason] to general chat or by placing a sign with text !admin [reason] on a map (this will also send the coordinates of the place)

Some guidelines

  • Always be polite and try to cooperate. Opposite attitude can switfly lead to hard actions.
  • Always follow the chat. Moderators often only spectates and their chat talk is in grey.
  • If your company was locked, you were moved to spectators or kicked out of the game, you probably broke some rules while not responding to moderator. Ask for guidance while keeping the first advice.
  • Moderator and admins can ban you for any time period. Bans are not lifted, you have to wait until it ends. Use the time to meditate about your actions and impact on people around yourself.
  • If you think the actions of moderator were unjust, save game for later examinations. Chat logs are being logged all the time via IRC.
  • If you can not access the servers and you were not banned before, contact administrators via IRC to discuss your problem
  • Enjoy your game

What actions can lead to BAN

  • Swearing, cursing, insulting, inapropriate and deranged behavior.
  • Blocking, destroying vehicles of other players.
  • Impersonating game moderators.

What actions can lead to permanent BAN or denied access to any of CityMania service

  • Continuing in actions that can lead to normal BAN

What actions can lead to KICK

  • Swearing, cursing, using too much non-english language in general chat.
  • Not responding to moderator appeals.
  • Breaking rules

What actions can lead to COMPANY RESET

  • Not responding to moderator appeals.
  • Breaking rules which destroys game for other players like not allowed competition, blocking, and more.

What actions can lead to COMPANY LOCKDOWN

  • Not responding to moderator appeals.