CityMania client 1.11.0

Our new client is out and it's awesome ;) You can get it in the usual place (

New features:

  • Added two more minimap zoom levels (very useful on 4k monitors).
  • When building a station show estimated monthly supply amounts.
  • Added setting to change graphs background colour between old one (grey) and new one (black).
  • Subtle visual improvements for graphs.
  • Made rail depot building preview red if it can't be built there and allow rotating it with a hotkey (defaults to middle mouse button).
  • Added building preview and rotation hotkey(also MMB by default) for rail stations, road stations and road depots.
  • Added building preview for aiports.
  • Added Zstandard(zstd) savegame compression option. May or may not reduce map download time on CityMania servers.
  • Show vehicle IDs in vehicle window if newgrf_developer_tools is enabled.
  • Added cmresettowngrowth command to reset growth rate of all towns to normal (helpful if some gamscript messed them up).
  • Exports house spec info in cmexport command.

Unfortunately didn't have time to work on blueprints/copy-paste yet so that will come some time later.

1.11.0 update

As you may have noticed our CityMania update eventually worked out and while some things are still a bit broken, especially on the website, important stuff seems to work ok, so I count it as a success :D We also started updating servers to 1.11.0 and, if you're still unaware, this year developers with TrueBrain in the lead did an amazing job and there is so much cool stuff that I can't even list it all here so I'll just link the whole changelog and focus on what affects CityMania the most: 

  • Desync saves are made sooner making debugging them easier. So if you ever desync on CityMania servers please send your netsave.sav (found in save/autosave directory of your openttd folder) to, that may actually help to fix the bug.
  • Oil rigs and refineries can now be configured to spawn all over the map, not just on the border. I already set it to do so on 30k and 1mil servers. This should somewhat alleviate the oil rig infestation issues and eventually allow oil rigs to be used on 1mil server (but not yet).
  • Frozen economy type with no production changes and industry closures. It matches our "frozen" multigoal servers well so I already switched them to use it.
  • A bit more control over industry production and cargo sharing for the server. Will hopefully allow to eventually get rid of industry competition rules and let the server handle it.
  • Story book pages can now include buttons. Sure I will find some good use for them in the future. 

P.S. CityMania client update is also almost ready so wait for further announcements.

CityMania 2.0

With 1.11 and our own big update coming we're shutting down servers for maintenance. The website may be unavailable for some time as well. Don't worry, we'll fix it asap.

While nothing much will change on the surface there are quite a lot of changes under the hood that will allow more cool features in the future. Also, it's a significant milestone in CityMania history thus the 2.0 label. As you may know, CityMania is a successor of Novapolis and all this time it was using Novapolis/Luuklland servers. But there was constant work in the background to modernize and reorganize the codebase for easier maintenance and development. So, while it was never a goal on its own, today we arrived at a point where there is no old code left so it's completely CityMania's original server now. But that's just a technical detail, spiritually CityMania is still a proud successor of Luukland and Novapolis and will continue to push the limits of the game and provide the best OpenTTD gameplay that's technically possible.

1.10.3 update

Not much on OpenTTD side this time, just some minor fixes, but a lot of new stuff for CityMania client:

  • Option to configure modifier key (Shift/Ctrl/Alt) behavior. You can also now set remove modifier to a separate key (I recommend shift, instead of estimation) so it can be used together with Fn (Ctrl). Definitely check it out if you were a fan of removing rails with Ctrl as it allows to use remove modifier with other tools like station and signals.
  • Rail depots now show preview when building them which makes autorotation mode much easier to use. There are also plans to do previews for other tools in the future as well.
  • cmtreemap console command that populates the map with trees according to a png image, similar to the heightmap. Very useful for creating realistic maps in the scenario editor.
  • Colored tile highlights should now also work with 32bpp sprites.
  • Option to shade trees depending on the slope they're on so that terrain is more visible under the foliage (best used with OpenGFX).
  • Option to show the APM counter on the status bar.
  • Other small fixes and features, see the changelog for more details.

1.10.3 update teaser

1.10.2 release

I forgot to make a news post yesterday but, yeah, we're starting to switch servers to 1.10.2 and cmclient is also out. There are a number of desync fixes in the new version and while unfortunately it didn't fix them all it should still be more manageable now.

CMclient also has a number of new cool features so checkout the changelog. Though it seems there are some bugs with order hotkeys and some other stuff so I may do a second release for 1.10.2 soon.

1.10.1 release

It didn't take long for quick fixes to arrive :) Servers and client updated.

I also decided to add two extra settings too CityMania client: "Open vehicle window for shared clones" and "Open orders window for new vehicles". They allow to configure window opening behaviour that I described in previous announcements. Both are off by default so as to not confuse players that are new to CityMania client. But I strongly recommend everyone to enable both of these settings and configure cloning hotkeys.

Update to 1.10.0 release

We're slowly updating to a new version. Citymania client is out except for the mac os version that is not compiling for some reason and idk how to fix it so no ETA on that, sorry. Test server is also switched to 1.10.0 and was actually significantly reworked since 1.9.3 so some stuff is a bit broken and misconfigured but I'll fix it as soon as I can.

Also I think I should elaborate on cloning behaviour change in 1.10.0 client. Main cause for it was that in 1.9 there was no convenient way to check current order of cloned vehicle and I guess it depends on a personal play style but many people find it necessary to pretty much always check orders of cloned vehicle that's why it opens order window by default (if you don't need it you can always ignore it). It also cancels cloning tool making it impossible to spam-ctrl-click vehicle because CityMania client has vehiclegui/vehicle_clone hotkey for that. You can experiment with hotkeys if you want but one good way is to set in hotkeys.cfg both vehiclegui/vehicle_clone and depot_gui/depot_clone_vehicle to CTRL+some key, e.g CTRL+Z (same key for both). That way if you have depot window active it will start depot clone tool, you can either click or ctrl-click a vehicle with it, check orders if necessary, and then spam clone hotkey that will now be a vehicle clone (shared because of ctrl in hotkey) to get the amount you want. Combined with order editing hotkeys that allows you to do most of cloning operations entirely with hotkeys except for initial clicks on a depot and source vehicle.

CityMania client 1.10.0-RC1

This time I'm a bit late with the update but that's because there's a lot of new stuff. In general, I'm slowly starting to work on significantly improving building tools and UI overall. Some of those improvements are still quite experimental and I'm not sure where I'm going with them yet. But some are already usable, so here's the full list:

  • When cloning from vehicle window skip orders to same position.
  • Always open vehicle window when ctrl-cloning a vehicle (like it was before 1.9).
  • Improve rendering performance on high resolutions. I estimate about 50% improvement on 4k.
  • A new way of highlighting tiles by coloring them. Some zoning and 1.10.0 default highlights are switched to this new way.
  • Experimental way of building and joining stations. Not quite finished yet so I won't get into further detail but you can sneak a peek by enabling it in the settings.

Mass reset of 1.9.0-1.9.2 scores

As it turns out a number of bugs were introduced in 1.9.0 version of our server that affected town growth making it much faster than it was supposed to be. Unfortunately no one reported them so those bugs went unnoticed for quite some time and were only fixed in 1.9.3 release. Thus now that we stopped running 1.9.2 servers I've reset all CB scores for 1.9.0-1.9.2 versions to keep it fair. Also there was a different bug when some company received money from server. Fortunately it didn't happen very often but still few cash goal scores were reset as well.


Looks like this time 1.10 will be out before April. And it actually has interesting new stuff some of which I'd like to highlight.

  1. You can now search town by name in town directory.
  2. Some station and town areas highlights were added. Though zoning patch in CityMania client is still better in my opinion.
  3. For a long time there were some shenanigans with station catchment but now it's all gone and every tile you build is adding exactly what it shows to the coverage zone. So old trick with adding rail stations/docks/airports to enlarge catchment are no longer useful. It poses some issues since 3h CB strategy somewhat relied on that so to counterbalance it we may switch classic cb to use non-realistic catchment (range is 4 tiles for everything). Also canals may be allowed as well since exploiting them no longer possible.
  4. One more ancient bug was found that apparently pax/mail production of a house was proportional to a square of it population instead of being linear. So, basically, large towns generated unreasonably large amounts of pax and mail. Since implications of this change for classic CB modes are huge those will have to stay with the old behavior. But we'll use the new one for everything else including new CB modes since they only require % of town production to be transported and aren't significantly affected by this change.
  5. Airplanes can now crash on a short runway even with crashes disabled in settings. So we'll be switching to using no crash cheat wherever applicable.
  6. There is now an option to make it so that industries with builtin stations (like Oil rigs) will require those to be used for taking/supplying cargo. We'll be using that so it won't be possible anymore to just make some rails over the sea and take all that juicy oil.

CityMania client 1.10.0-beta1 is also out and have some improvements of its own so check it out.


I wasn't around to do the update properly, but some servers were running it for a month and now we're updating the rest. Also there was an issue with the client version so I've reuploaded it yesterday.

Zombie apocalypse

Well, I got an idea ... and then I just couldn't stop ... so now we have a bit of a zombie apocalypse on our test server(#0) xD.

Rules are quite simple: zombies destroy stuff, food heals houses, goods damage zombies, passengers to HQ does AOE. There is no particular goal yet or any scoring at all. And, honestly, there is no winning condition either, just constantly increasing level of zombies.

So at this point it's just an experiment that is still far from being a complete gameplay. But let me know what you think of it, what kind of new game mode we can make? How about a citybuilder without strict requirements but you need all that cargo to fend off zombies anyway? Also any small ideas would be nice as well, like I know banks are useless atm, mb they could buff towns so that houses get more HP. Or mb there needs to be some kind of ammo storage system instead of an instant damage for goods. Mb find some use for transmitters scattered along the map?

zombies attacking town

Suddenly 1.9.1

It was a bit unexpected to see 1.9.1 so soon but it's not a bad sight. So I guess we'll replace 1.9.0 servers with 1.9.1 soon but still keep 1.8.0 ones for a while. And yeah, new CityMania client is out as well.

1.9.0 is not a lie

OpenTTD development picked up pace recently so this year release is finally not just a number. Here is a full changelog and I'll go over some those changes in a moment. But first I want to tell that we're already running 1.9.0 on some servers and more will be switched to it as more players update their game. CityMania client is also ready and have a few features of its own, so check its changelog as well.

As for new stuff in 1.9.0 first thing I want to mention is actually a bit of an issue. There may be a significant performance drop for some players on games with a lot of vehicles. So if your game is lagging definitely try using CityMania client that has this issue fixed and recommend it to your friends ;)

Also there are several significant changes for city-building:

  • As towns can now grow up to 70 times faster so GR and next values shown in CityMania client are also about 70 times larger. So what was GR1 is now GR69 and so on. But no core mechanics were affected by that, so end speed of town growth should be the same. Also funding still sets a new house to be built in about 2 days and each CS wastes about 1 day. So all new stuff is only available for games with server controller. We've already took advantage of that in our new CB game modes so growth rate of town should scale much smoother now with amount of deliveries instead of jumping between GR1 and GR2. We also plan to have some fun exploring super-fast growth rates in near future so keep an eye for that ;)
  • Town growth rate now updates after each new house, not just every month. So old trick with funding at specific house counts is no longer useful.
  • Houses can be built on road turns (that was previously a feature in our town simulator) so our beloved spiral layouts are now even better. And in general there is much more room for creativity with your roads. For example, crazy curly spirals are actually a very viable option now.

Stayin' Alive

Finally we're getting back in business after that nasty crash. It wasn't all for naught as I took that time to reimplement our server controller and tidy up the database struture. Though I kind of rushed it's release so there aren't many new noticeable features yet. And, in fact, even some of the old features are somewhat broken atm. For example, cross-server chat. As we ditched the IRC support completely but haven't finished a replacement yet. Quest servers also won't be available for a while as I'm planning to completely overhaul that game mode. But don't worry it'll all be back eventually, better than before. And thank everyone for your support on forum. So nice to see that there are still people who understand CityMania and love it wholeheartedly <3

Database restored

It took a while but we managed to mostly restore the database after the crash. So some game details may be missing but at least all scores and quests should be intact. Our new server controller is also ready so we'll be bringing servers back in a few days.

Recovering from server crash

Quick update here, following a pretty bad server crash, citymania is recovering slowly. We might have lost some of the latest game, but we still have hope, and servers should be back in the next days.

Will keep you updated.


Finally we're out of slumber, client is updated and we started to switch servers to 1.8.0. There has been a lot of stuff happening in OpenTTD development lately, including the movement to Github but sadly no interesting game improvements came out of it yet.

Update failed

Hello everyone! Just dropping in to say there probably won't be 1.7.2 update. It happened to conflict with some recent CityMania changes and I have absolutely no time to deal with it lately. So at this point I think it would be better to skip this one and aim for 1.8 that will hopefully happen in April as usual.

1.7.1 Update

New version of OpenTTD is out. But, as usual, nothing noteworthy about it.

New version of CityMania client is available in downloads section. It's just a version update, there are no other changes. And once again no 32bit version since Visual Studio crashed on it. Nobody seemed to miss it last time though ^^.

Some of our servers are already updated to 1.7.1 others we'll gradually update over the course of month or so.