Fantastic Christmas Event 2022

Date: 17 December 2022 19:00 CET

Duration: 18 years (about 4 hours)

Climate: CityMania Christmas special

Game mode: CityMania city-builder

Game goal: Have the highest population in the claimed town when the game ends.

Train set: Only MEOW engines from NUTS set on PURR rails. Accelerated progress: new engine almost every two years.

Server: CityMania #9 (will be online at least 30 minutes before the event)

Rules: Standard CityMania rules as well as Master Hellish rules (they're basically the same).

A special event in collaboration with Master Hellish. They're doing a charity livestream and CityMania game will be the third one they'll play. You're not required to register for this event in any way. Watch the live stream for more information.

Christmas event teaser

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