Christmas Event 2023

Date: 24 December 2023 14:00 CET

Duration: 18 years (about 4 hours)

Climate: CityMania Christmas special

Game mode: CityMania Gift Hunting

Game goal: Have the highest amount of victory points when the game ends.

Train set: Only MEOW engines from NUTS set on PURR rails. Open presents to receive better engines.

Server: CityMania #9 (will be online at least 30 minutes before the event)

Rules: Standard CityMania rules

A special event featuring new and very unique game mode. You need to deliver required cargo to open presents and receive new industries, engines and victory points. You're not required to register for this event in any way, just show up and play.

Christmas event teaser

Rank Company Score
1 dP Transport: dP, Llamaman 22
2 JesusChrist#2 Transport: JesusChrist#2 7
3 Bena20 Transport: Bena20 0
4 Gilgames Transport: Gilgames 0
5 Stu Transport: Stu 0