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Client goes black screen then crashes | Windows 11 by Slice67 1 6 months ago by dP
[Won't fix for now] Minesweeper server kick by Croc 1 9 months ago by dP
[Fixed] Airport [game crashes] story2 by oldie - 1 year ago by oldie
[Fixed] Client crash building intercontinental airport by oldie 1 1 year ago by dP
[Fixed in vanilla] Click in station list opens wrong station in 1.11.2 (#9337) by McBorer 2 1 year ago by dP
[Fixed] CityMania client 1.11.0 crashes when building bus stops by peterisgb 1 1 year ago by dP
[Fixed] Tram platform bug by fabi123 2 2 years ago by dP
[Fixed] Client crash on autosave - proposed fix by strotlog 2 3 years ago by strotlog
[Fixed] Servers closed ? by Kildor 14 3 years ago by Gelidis
forbidden area highlight by lol - 4 years ago by lol
LOL ¡¡¡Time traveler!!! by budellera 3 4 years ago by dP
[Not a bug] Power Up Transport 10k units from each cargo on ECS server by relicts 4 4 years ago by Mediv
[Fixed] Scrolling with right mouse not possible with 1.7.1 and Win10 by Mediv 3 4 years ago by ST2
[Fixed] who stole the jewel in the desert by relicts 1 4 years ago by dP
[Not a bug] IKEA [6] 20 Store 33k of Goods in one station by relicts 3 5 years ago by dP
[Won't fix] CB-3Y-Tropical Climate, food issue by Boris 4 5 years ago by Boris
[Fixed] Confirmation Email Sending Failed by silly 1 6 years ago by dP
player info by lol 1 6 years ago by dP
[Fixed] fast server change by lol 1 6 years ago by dP
[Fixed] Using double/quad GUI settings, the cargo window has overlapping text by sircus 2 6 years ago by dP