hit the pause...

22 April 2019 17:38

Any chance there is or could be a pause button if you are alone on the server and maby a timeout vote for 2 or more... could be quite usefull for me, since my dog wont allow me to play for more than an hour straight xd

Thoughts on this matter are welcome.

27 April 2019 11:21

I remember this being discussed in the past, and I agree that it could be convenient.

However, fixed time cb, e.g. 3h classic or 1h blitz, is about using the given amount of time to create a big city. Some of this time you need to spend on planning, some of the time you spend on doing actual construction and some of this time you spend on taking breaks if you need it. If its possible to pause you get a situation where its possible to buy yourself time for decision-making along the way, which I don't think is something you want.

A solution could be to have a fixed break midway in the 3h games. Same idea as in any sports game. Could be possible without messing too much with the game mode, and I would think it is easy to implement.

8 May 2019 22:17

In a long rung I was thinking of doing some kind of "pro zone". I.e. servers that you need to qualify to play on and that run some advanced game modes like 3h CB. Also we can have modes with max of 1 company there and some kind of pausing mechanism. Like making a command to pause but you can only use 15 minutes of pause in total.