6 November 2019 15:20

Looks like this time 1.10 will be out before April. And it actually has interesting new stuff some of which I'd like to highlight.

  1. You can now search town by name in town directory.
  2. Some station and town areas highlights were added. Though zoning patch in CityMania client is still better in my opinion.
  3. For a long time there were some shenanigans with station catchment but now it's all gone and every tile you build is adding exactly what it shows to the coverage zone. So old trick with adding rail stations/docks/airports to enlarge catchment are no longer useful. It poses some issues since 3h CB strategy somewhat relied on that so to counterbalance it we may switch classic cb to use non-realistic catchment (range is 4 tiles for everything). Also canals may be allowed as well since exploiting them no longer possible.
  4. One more ancient bug was found that apparently pax/mail production of a house was proportional to a square of it population instead of being linear. So, basically, large towns generated unreasonably large amounts of pax and mail. Since implications of this change for classic CB modes are huge those will have to stay with the old behavior. But we'll use the new one for everything else including new CB modes since they only require % of town production to be transported and aren't significantly affected by this change.
  5. Airplanes can now crash on a short runway even with crashes disabled in settings. So we'll be switching to using no crash cheat wherever applicable.
  6. There is now an option to make it so that industries with builtin stations (like Oil rigs) will require those to be used for taking/supplying cargo. We'll be using that so it won't be possible anymore to just make some rails over the sea and take all that juicy oil.

CityMania client 1.10.0-beta1 is also out and have some improvements of its own so check it out.