1.10.3 update

11 August 2020 20:18

Not much on OpenTTD side this time, just some minor fixes, but a lot of new stuff for CityMania client:

  • Option to configure modifier key (Shift/Ctrl/Alt) behavior. You can also now set remove modifier to a separate key (I recommend shift, instead of estimation) so it can be used together with Fn (Ctrl). Definitely check it out if you were a fan of removing rails with Ctrl as it allows to use remove modifier with other tools like station and signals.
  • Rail depots now show preview when building them which makes autorotation mode much easier to use. There are also plans to do previews for other tools in the future as well.
  • cmtreemap console command that populates the map with trees according to a png image, similar to the heightmap. Very useful for creating realistic maps in the scenario editor.
  • Colored tile highlights should now also work with 32bpp sprites.
  • Option to shade trees depending on the slope they're on so that terrain is more visible under the foliage (best used with OpenGFX).
  • Option to show the APM counter on the status bar.
  • Other small fixes and features, see the changelog for more details.

1.10.3 update teaser