CityMania client with blueprints (copy&paste) beta-testing

29 January 2021 19:35

UPD: Copy-paste feature is now included in the main client distribution, you can get it in the client section.

While 1.11 beta is underway, I want to drop a different kind of "beta": CityMania client 1.10.3 with blueprints (aka copy&paste) patch.

Even though it's a widely requested patch I've never quite understood why and the only reason I did it now is because that was relatively easy with all the recent changes in CityMania client. It's not a fully finished feature yet, I'm fully aware there are some minor graphical glitches, and the way it builds stuff isn't exactly perfect but it should still be good enough in general.

And at this point, I'm looking for feedback to figure out what direction should further development go. Do you think this tool is useful for your playstyle and if so, why? What are you copying with it, can you show some pictures? What should be added or changed about it? Leave your comments here or mention me on CityMania discord server.

Also, to be clear, it's perfectly fine to use the copy&paste tool on CityMania. But for other servers, you may want to check it with the server admin first even though I personally find it relatively useless in competitive play and don't see any reason for it not to be allowed.

Currently, copy&paste tool only works for rail infrastructure. To use it click on the button with a blue sign in the rail building toolbar (it's the same button as a land purchase but in the rail toolbar instead of landscaping). Then mark the area you want to copy and place the copied stuff wherever you want it. You can rotate the copy by pressing the middle mouse button (can be changed to smth else in hotkeys.cfg).

Download links (updated to beta2):

30 January 2021 00:49

copy paste looks pretty cool. My thoughts after plaing around a few minutes with it:

  • easy and fast
  • I have select something when I want to copy every time? -> Would be cool to be able to spam - for example holding control and then I can paste multiple instances of the same switch
  • saved "copyables" possible?
  • when I selected a (too) big area to copy, it did nothing
30 January 2021 01:21

Yes, for now it's somewhat limited because of both technical reasons and concerns for the possibility of it being used for griefing. If things go well I plan to add some kind of saving "slots" for the blueprints in the future but right now you have to copy it every time. Don't see any reason to increase the size limit though.

Also, Borgi what are you using it for? Can you show some pictures of your copied elements? I'm very curious because, as I said, I personally didn't find it very useful.

30 January 2021 14:43

I dont think I can provide a valuable screenshot for this, but mainly for me it would help if I could place already well designed "station patterns" without me having to place all the stations+rails+signals+depos. Would be nice to do that in a few click like selecting the pattern, rotate and boom. Also for smaller single track lines it would help me to plan the route with switches. Something like this

But I would understand that I am the only person on Earth who would use these :->

5 February 2021 15:03

I wanted to copy a logical not gate with block signals in singleplayer, and only one out of the 7 signals got copied correctly. The other ones where facing in different directions than my original as soon as I placed it down. The preview looked fine.

26 February 2021 15:31

Ok, I fixed multiplayer issue but didn't have time to look at signals yet. Download links are updated.

18 February 2022 08:44

Can't wait to try this on my masterpiece, the 4 LLRR mainline to LR subline xD

26 December 2022 08:16

there is a lack of copying of soil and tunnels. otherwise, you can only use the tool for flat structures only. the original "copy paste" patch was very good.

27 June 2023 19:56


Recently found CityMania, great to see your blueprints option, i used to use the copy and paste patch sadly it doesnt work/exist anymore.

I am mainly using it for stations and junctions / merge signals. would love to see it be able to copy terain/tunnels/bidges etc and a clipboard with maybe 3 or 5 slots would be awesome if that was ever possible.


21 September 2023 16:10

@dP wrote: ...

Very cool feature! works a charm (except with placing rail signals on pre-existing rails)

a feature that would be as usual as rotate is... flip. Or mirror, if you prefer.