2h City Builder

18 July 2015 13:32

I would like to see a server which runs normal cb lasting for 8 years. Similar settings as 3h except for:

Initial growth speed: fast Max loan: 150 000£ Max trains: 250 Max rv: 250 Max planes: 50 Max ships: 25

The reason for I think this could be good is simply because 3h often is too long for people to play, and also better competition is a bit more probable when only 250 trains are available.

18 July 2015 20:25

Good idea, three hours indeed is a long time to make free for a game, also because games start at every new hour. Maybe you can do something too with goal games, or CB games with grfs(firs ecs or yeti). Maybe some more people can post what they think to get clear what the community wants.


21 July 2015 10:30

I totally agree with Gelidis. Even though i still much enjoy the 3h CB, it's quite long to play this solo. A 2h CB, as described by Gelidis (and on 1024x512 map) would be a very welcome addition.

The way i see it, there could be two 2h CB's (server 4/5), and one 3h CB running (server 6).

Just my 2 cents :)


22 July 2015 16:14

Martin wrote:

A 2h CB, as described by Gelidis (and on 1024x512 map) would be a very welcome addition.

The way i see it, there could be two 2h CB's (server 4/5), and one 3h CB running (server 6).

I think 3h cb still should be then main attraction, so I don't agree on having only one of those servers left. Also, as long as servers have capacity of running 1024x1024 is there any reason to reduce size..?

22 July 2015 16:28

if you use smaller maps you get more competition at the map and more crossings of different players

22 July 2015 16:49

It's more likely that companies can coexist on bigger maps though.

22 July 2015 17:31

I think we can dedicate 1 or 2 new servers to this. I think we can have cm18 and cm19. 512*1024 was sometime funny, but size is just some options we need to define together. We are still a bit busy with other stuffs, so we can't do it now, but we will add it to the todo =]

23 July 2015 20:07

2h CB is a nice idea, but I don't like Novapolis way of server configuration and rather than use it want to remake it. However, that will take some time so new game modes have to wait.

24 July 2015 09:10

You might not like it, but that does not make it unusable and it's quite straighforward.

I don't quite understand, why servers are called TEST, when you've got everything to run them as Novapolis. Well, it's your way, but it would make more sense to use it as it is and add changes while running in normal mode, than to plan dozen of changes and run everything in TEST mode. That way in one man you will run TEST mode for year, considering even web is being redone completely.

24 July 2015 20:26

Hi, I agree with the dude. I think test in the name will discourage players to join because they think it can crash or something like that(what it won't do).

Second I would like to know what you want to change about server config because if I speak for myself I like how the maps at the three hour games look like. A lot of industries, later farmlands and enough towns to choose of.

Looking forward for any comment/reply


24 July 2015 20:54

That freaking puzzle assembles server config from five places using some intricate logic :P I've spent few hours understading it and still can't quickly and reliably configure a server. So now I feel like remaking it would be a better thing to spend time on.

As for TEST, 10 days ago some servers were almost unplayable. There are still some major bugs left and I'm mostly afk now and can't react quickly enough if something breaks, so I'd like to keep TEST for a while. Though it doesn't really matter much imo, so if you think servers work good enough let's get rid of it.

24 July 2015 21:43

IF you have trouble understanding server configuration, you could ask. And it uses only openttd config file and database, where it is tied with indexes. It's not that hard, when I started working with it, it took me maybe one hour to understand it.

Anyway, when I gave you Novapolis code, you have recived it with whole configuration and it was plug and play. Novapolis had no crash for at least 5 last months. I can understand the urge to reprogram it, it's quite common thing for programmers, but I don't understand why you have not chosen to start it as it is and do changes after that by smaller steps.

Now you kill yourself with weeks of work before you remove TEST mode while you were given very stable aplication. And changing server from 3h to 2h is changing one setting, but reprogramming it is hours of work divided between weeks of freetime. In the end you'll end like me. Too much coding and very few players on servers. I can tell you from my experience, it's not very rewarding.

25 July 2015 11:43

I do understand how it works but using it is a nightmare imo, let aside explaining it to someone else. Mb you had some kind of interface for it but I see only mess of tables in mysql. Sure it would be easier if I reuse existing 3h cb server (still more than just one setting) but I tried to do it with cm18 so had to configure it from scratch.

What I want to end up is a system that will take little to no time to maintain and where I can delegate most work to someone else (like server configuration).

25 July 2015 12:33

No, I had no interface. Writing some would take me several hours, while configuring things via database took one hour per year, as it was no frequent activity. So it did not make much sense to waste time for some tool. And second I had no other people to do that, so it was useless to write something only for me. But if you plan to have some moderetators to configure games, sure, then it can come in handy.

Still, it does not relate to test mode this new servers are in. It almost looks like Novapolis code was some piece of unstable garbage, which is completely untrue as can judge anyone who played on Novapolis in last year.

29 July 2015 11:37

Novapolis code is ok, it's me not feeling familiar enough with it. And I have some vision of what I want to end up with, so some parts that don't fit it(like config system) I'will have to remake sooner or later. Regardless, I think I'll remove that TEST once I'm back home in a week.