Server Features

4 August 2015 09:51

!players command for showing who is playing, in what company, country location, partial ip

5 August 2015 09:02

!clients command you mean? ^^

9 August 2015 16:48

oh ya.. but still show country, as its the main reason you wanna use it imo :)

edit: btw what is ACT:n?

9 August 2015 18:45

It does show country for mods.

ACT is some activity measure.

9 August 2015 19:04

Thats what i thought. Though 650 ish doesnt seem to be per minute ^^

10 August 2015 10:14

I always thought that is the time ago in seconds someone build a new thing.

10 August 2015 11:13

Irc it is some internal server thingy that doesn't mean anything in particular, something like a number of packets received from client throughout the game. If client didn't do anything for a while it is shown with "AFK x min".