[Event] Citymania One year anniversary

26 May 2016 12:40

Hi all,

So one year ago, we started the CityMania servers, which is the John Snow son of Novapolis and Luukland servers. We decided to keep the basics of those communities (quests, custom server citybuilder mod, blitz servers...) and we also did rebuild the whole website, and the user system linked to it. We are pretty happy with what we did and it's a good time to do an event.

We will play a classic CB based on our advanced citybuilder server mod, and we might even try the new system if we are confident with it.

Date : Sunday, June 5th at 19:00 CEST

Game Mode: 100K temperate 4h (16 years), new CB server mod.

Goal of the game: Reach population of 100,000 people in claimed town


If you are interested and can be around, let us know by commenting in this thread, we'll reserve a spot for you.

The game should be either by team or by single player.

You can help us for the testing of the event by joining the irc or the server 0, where we should do the latest tests on the event. Some advertisement on reddit could be done (@MeSaber if you are around ;))

27 May 2016 14:36

I'm in!

27 May 2016 19:11

I set up 30k goal on server #0 with new CB mod to test it and practice before event.

1 June 2016 17:06

I was wondering, is it hard to setup live streaming ? Would be nice, twitch might be perfect. I can't host it as my connection is still bad (600 kbps upload...).

2 June 2016 21:12

Saber should do live streaming and commentating :)

3 June 2016 11:25

Indeed, but where is Saber ;) He sounds busy =]

4 June 2016 14:17

Think I can come