Town growth emulator

17 August 2016 10:54


I updated my town emulator and moved it to CityMania. It now can save layouts on website and has a bunch of new options.

Loading layouts from strings (old format) still works but is hidden (press l key) and may be removed in future so if you have any move them to website.

Also created a separate topic about "allow houses in turn corners" experimental option.

P.S. Definitely check road symmetry in "more options" before building any symmetric layout.

UPD Added experimental benchmark tool (b key). Allows to emulate growth of many towns and see population and houses distribution.

18 August 2016 19:59

cool feature, Can you make it accessible from somewhere else then the wiki?


18 August 2016 20:52

Oh, didn't know it is accessible from wiki)

I'd put a link somewhere but couldn't think of any good place. And our top menu is quite big already. Guess at some point I'll sit and think how to structure all this stuff along with other things that I have in mind.

Mb I'll just do "misc" section for now.

18 August 2016 21:11

maybe add a link in the announcement at the homepage?

18 August 2016 21:31

Right, somehow I didn't copy it there.

22 August 2016 22:24

I added option to immediately destroy small houses and surprisingly it doesn't benefit growth at all. So, either I made a mistake somewhere or even for a fountain or a statue that has 0 pop, potential of it being replaced is worth more than that of getting bigger house in its place. And that's with constant GR1 so replacement/construction ratio is the lowest.

23 August 2016 00:33

Ok, on to the next trick. Mb some of you saw me building rails blocking worse town zones to increase chance for bigger house. Very tedious but it seems to slightly increase population. Though the way emulator does it isn't exactly the same, it only compares zones accessible from particular tile and doesn't look ahead.