Unfair advandage rule added

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28 April 2017 02:15


I change the rules a little bit, mostly adding a part about unfair advantage. That's not really a new rule since it wasn't ever allowed to use multiple companies for your advantage, even on Novapolis. So I was quite surprised when I noticed that it's not mentioned in our rules anywhere. Guess it was considered to be obvious or something, I don't know. Well, now it's officially there. Though, as I said it doesn't change much, it's still considered to be a pretty minor rulebreak so you may get away with only your score and exp being reset for that game. But if you keep breaking it repeatedly you may get yourself banned.

If anyone wonder what's the reason for having such rule it's because you can really go a long way with it. Even though I try to setup servers in a way to minimize an advandage of prepared setups or other kinds of help it's still somewhat effective. And some elaborate setups can take a very long time to prepare. What's even worse is that such tactics have the most effect for short game modes. And it's kind of stupid to have 20 min highscores that are only beatable with 10 hour preparations. Small goal are supposed to be reached fast, that's the reason for this rule. If you want to play for a long time go for a bigger goal.

I added it to rule 2, so it only applies on goal servers (but still allowed on quest ones) and also changed it a bit to be more precise. So here is how all the changes look like (new things in bold):

Goal servers: Competition allowed! No self competition on primary industries! No using other companies to advance yourself. You can compete on primary industries on goal servers. City builder servers have a slight limitation, that you have to transport the resource to your town, otherwise it is considered as game breaking! but only to achieve the game goal You can have maximally one station per each industry. Self competition is rule break! Having more than one loading station per primary industry (aka self competition) counts as blocking. No competition on secondary industries even if you are the second to deliver resources there. No rating pushing. No using other companies for helping your main one or preparing a good start.

  1. but only to achieve the game goal. Still not exactly happy with this wording, but at least it is more general than just cb thing. So you can compete for, say, moneyline, but it has to be logically related to completion of game goal by your company. If you just compete for the sake of screwing up your opponent that's a sabotage.
  2. Having more than one loading station per primary industry (aka self competition) counts as blocking. It was missing an important bit about being applied only to primary industries. Other than that it's just a better wording imo.
  3. No using other companies for helping your main one or preparing a good start. Covered this arleady. You can reset your company and start a new one but it shouldn't be getting any more advantage than a first one. Also it's ok to help a new player a bit, but if company is aiming for a good highscores it's not allowed to receive any help.

Also I know there are some scores in top25 of new cb servers that were made with some preparations and so in violation of this rule. And I'll especially emphasize that it's not allowed to use towns grown by other companies or industries funded by them. I may not act on that immediately but rather implement some more town protection first (industry removal should already be there). But after that I'll definitely check all the scores in top25 and reset ones that I find unfair. Also feel free to post here or otherwise let me know if you see some scores that weren't achieved in a fair way.