[Fixed] Tram platform bug

17 April 2020 16:58

Hello dP,

as you might know, I had issues selecting tram stations while using the CityMania client. Here's my Bug report.

At least for me the client always crashes, as I try to select either the passenger or cargo platform of the tram construction menu.

*** OpenTTD Crash Report ***
CityMania patched client  http://citymania.org
Please, unless you encounter this bug with unpatched OpenTTD version, report bug to CityMania team

Crash at: Fri Apr 17 14:45:12 2020
In game date: 1978-03-03 (17)

Crash reason:
 Signal:  Segmentation fault (11)
 Message: <none>

OpenTTD version: CityMania patched client  http://citymania.org

 Version:    1.10.1 (0)
 NewGRF ver: 1a086d64
 Bits:       64
 Endian:     little
 Dedicated:  no
 Build date: Apr 17 2020 00:09:50

 [00] ./openttd(_ZNK12CrashLogUnix13LogStacktraceEPcPKc+0x55) [0x55ba99f01715]
 [01] ./openttd(_ZNK8CrashLog12FillCrashLogEPcPKc+0x107) [0x55ba99dbb557]
 [02] ./openttd(_ZNK8CrashLog12MakeCrashLogEv+0xa9) [0x55ba99dbb839]
 [03] ./openttd(+0x3e7629) [0x55ba99f01629]
 [04] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(+0x46470) [0x7f04df636470]
 [05] ./openttd(+0x430627) [0x55ba99f4a627]
 [06] ./openttd(_ZN22BuildRoadToolbarWindow7OnClickE5Pointii+0x528) [0x55ba99f4b378]
 [07] ./openttd(_Z17HandleMouseEventsv+0x153f) [0x55ba9a098daf]
 [08] ./openttd(_ZN15VideoDriver_SDL9PollEventEv+0xf5) [0x55ba9a06aa15]
 [09] ./openttd(_ZN15VideoDriver_SDL8MainLoopEv+0xa8) [0x55ba9a06aee8]
 [10] ./openttd(_Z12openttd_mainiPPc+0x155b) [0x55ba99ef0f1b]
 [11] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xf3) [0x7f04df6171e3]
 [12] ./openttd(_start+0x2e) [0x55ba99cf827e]

Operating system:
 Name:     Linux
 Release:  5.3.0-24-lowlatency
 Version:  #26-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Thu Nov 14 02:16:52 UTC 2019
 Machine:  x86_64
 Compiler: GCC 8.4.0 "8.4.0"

 Blitter:      32bpp-sse4-anim
 Graphics set: zBase (5588)
 Language:     /home/fabi123/openttd-1.10.1-citymania/bin/lang/english.lng
 Music driver: extmidi
 Music set:    Modern Motion (1)
 Network:      no
 Sound driver: sdl
 Sound set:    OpenSFX (87)
 Video driver: sdl

 Small:  sprite
 Medium: sprite
 Large:  sprite
 Mono:   sprite

AI Configuration (local: 0) (current: 0):
  0: Human
  1: Human
  2: Human

 FontConfig: 2.13.1
 FreeType:   2.9.1
 ICU i18n:   63.2
 LZMA:       5.2.4
 LZO:        2.10
 PNG:        1.6.37
 SDL2:       2.0.10
 Zlib:       1.2.11

---- gamelog start ----
Tick 0: new game started
Revision text changed to 1.10.1, savegame version 218, not modified, _openttd_newgrf_version = 0x1a086d64
New game mode: 1 landscape: 0
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 44440A01, checksum FCEEC76CF44EC23E7FE9C88048CF11CC, filename: av8_aviators_aircraft_set-2.21/pb_av8w.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID F1250007, checksum 997B31233DCFC059D343EB90E046D7EB, filename: firs_industry_replacement_set_3-3.0.12/firs.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 4D434631, checksum B456B86F42187042F48747CD66748622, filename: fixes-6/fixes.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 43415000, checksum FBAE0C1ACFDA5AE8B95B4DA230A395FE, filename: opengfx_airports-0.5.0/ogfx-airports.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 414E0201, checksum 0DA3A80B986BC3C17C20CA4CE9CA26AA, filename: fish_2-2.0.3/fish.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 74677462, checksum 1D2A4E03D9F30922788C166254C27619, filename: total_bridge_renewal_set-1.2/total_bridges.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 52571203, checksum 2E00A55DF056E0F4BD7BBC2517514DC7, filename: egrvts2-202/egrvts2.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 4A530117, checksum CA32127C974FD70434F9CA4E0AD4A501, filename: ecs__firs_vehicle_set-2014.11.26/efrefit.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 44440111, checksum 9B5051E70D60EF2926A249B923AFB0CA, filename: uk_renewal_set.3.04/pb_ukrs.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 44442202, checksum 3DAC7433C0DA14AD3C5E8C89D73A6A2E, filename: uk_renewal_set_addon_pack.3.04/ukrsap1w.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID FBFB0501, checksum 60082E7DF1D3976274AB86843C3E07B2, filename: dutch_road_furniture-0.7.1/dutchroadfurniture.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 504A4641, checksum 457DE3A141B99D6BE258981C993B6761, filename: fake_airport_objects-0.1/fakeairportobjects_v0_1.grf (md5sum matches)
Added NewGRF: GRF ID 4A430002, checksum 93EAC5F5396584B92D4C5F0AAAF3F6C5, filename: industrial_stations_renewal-1.0.2/indstatr.grf (md5sum matches)
---- gamelog end ----

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*** End of OpenTTD Crash Report ***

For me it's reproducible with every kind of savegame.

LG fabi123.

17 April 2020 18:25

Yeah, I had the same issue yesterday as well xD But thanks for reporting anyway, I'll try to fix it before the next release.

5 June 2020 16:28

Fixed in 1.10.2 cmclient