[Won't fix] CB-3Y-Tropical Climate, food issue

25 September 2017 16:25

On regular bases the home city doesnt accept food, while that is what it needs to grow so yea how do you make it grow or accept food ? I hear some of you think well hey increase the station and it will, but sometimes even the biggest allowed station theoretically build ontop of the city wont accept it. And how could you even build such a thing without demoliting your city or your oportunities to make it grow. Another issue is the less than 10 buildings in a city to claim your homecity, it says you have to demolice 1 or more houses but before you can break something down you need to build your HQ first. <wich you cant> So another weird thing.


26 September 2017 16:56

I know it's a quite confusing but that initial food requirement is a part of base game, not our server mod so it's hard to do anything about it.

But there are a some ways to deal with it so it's not that big of an issue actually. First of all, if you fund buildings in your town can still grow without food up to some point. Also small towns (<60 pop) don't require food at all.

As for station coverage you can use spreading (aka distant joins, hold ctrl while placing stations) so you can easily cover your entire town without destroying anything. And you can place your HQ in other town temporarily, destroy some buildings and claim the town you want.

P.S. Your screenshot is way too small to see anything on it.

1 October 2017 20:34

Bummer that the screenshot is indeed retardedly small. The point of the screenshot was actually that I build my town up to 600 peeps, with the "fund new buildings". My station coverage accepts mail, passangers, goods, diamonds, water but NOOOO food. So yea after an hour and 5 million funds in new buildings it appeared I got stuck on 600 inhabbits with no food acceptance.

=/ I guess there is no chance to rescript it in to that a water tower accepts food to ? That would help ALOT.

1 October 2017 21:56

Food acceptance comes from small houses, simple ones give 1/8 (you can see it with tile info tool) so you need 8 of them. And ones with fences give 2/8, so even less of those. From what I can see on screenshot you only have 6 small houses, so you're 2 away from getting the acceptance. And you seem to have total of 9 houses which is even less than 10 you're allowed to claim. So dunno what happened there but usually it's very easy to get about 15 houses with a bit of funding before it starts really requiring food and that should be plenty for food acceptance.

It's technically possible to give food acceptance to water tower with newgrfs, but it's probably not going to happen on classic servers as those are kept with pretty much same settings as they were on Luukland.

4 October 2017 10:11

Okay, thanks for the reply, hopefully you will think about my sujestion, would be a very small change that prevents a lot of ennoyance :D I guess this topic is closes then :D thanks for quick reply.