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Any chance there is or could be a pause button if you are alone on the server and maby a timeout vote for 2 or more... could be quite usefull for me, since my dog wont allow me to play for more than an hour straight xd

Thoughts on this matter are welcome.

[Fixed] Servers closed ? in Bugs

dP wrote:

ST2, as I already told you I see absolutely no point in joining citymania with btpro. They're completely different both technically and gameplay-wise and even target players of a different skill level. It's also not really a "solution" for anything as it brings more problems than it solves.

Anyway, citymania servers will be back in a week or two and will even have some new features. I'll leave the details for the announcement. Also citymania client for 1.9.0-beta2 is mostly finished already. There are still some issues to sort out due to 1.9.0 changes so I'm not posting binaries just yet. But it's playable so whoever is ok compiling it can get it here: https://bitbucket.org/citymania/cmclient

Good to hear, I will be waiting till servers go up again :)

[Fixed] Servers closed ? in Bugs

I guess we need an openttd steam version. A free to play game there could boost our community, unfortiantly that isnt a citymania thing. It will be a surprice to see when and if the servers get back up. I do will keep an eye on the forums.

<3 boris

[Fixed] Servers closed ? in Bugs

Tremeng wrote: people are on mini-cb or quick goal games which often don't last longer than an hour

He might be saying sometehing worth while, a main issue is the cb takes 3 hours, who has 3 hours these days? Maby shortening it to 2 hours would do some good. Also the starting automaticly on the hour like 16.00-18.00, 18.00-20.00 like that, now you join, server starts and any other player thinks like meh.... he started already noway I can beat him, wont join,... (we used to have this, why did it change?)

I for one check regularly if no basic cb servers emerge again.

[Fixed] Servers closed ? in Bugs

I guess they are....

Where are the servers? in General

Still cant seem to find a server, any server for that matter =/

[Won't fix] CB-3Y-Tropical Climate, food issue in Bugs

Okay, thanks for the reply, hopefully you will think about my sujestion, would be a very small change that prevents a lot of ennoyance :D I guess this topic is closes then :D thanks for quick reply.

[Won't fix] CB-3Y-Tropical Climate, food issue in Bugs

Bummer that the screenshot is indeed retardedly small. The point of the screenshot was actually that I build my town up to 600 peeps, with the "fund new buildings". My station coverage accepts mail, passangers, goods, diamonds, water but NOOOO food. So yea after an hour and 5 million funds in new buildings it appeared I got stuck on 600 inhabbits with no food acceptance.

=/ I guess there is no chance to rescript it in to that a water tower accepts food to ? That would help ALOT.

[Won't fix] CB-3Y-Tropical Climate, food issue in Bugs

On regular bases the home city doesnt accept food, while that is what it needs to grow so yea how do you make it grow or accept food ? I hear some of you think well hey increase the station and it will, but sometimes even the biggest allowed station theoretically build ontop of the city wont accept it. And how could you even build such a thing without demoliting your city or your oportunities to make it grow. Another issue is the less than 10 buildings in a city to claim your homecity, it says you have to demolice 1 or more houses but before you can break something down you need to build your HQ first. <wich you cant> So another weird thing.