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I remember this being discussed in the past, and I agree that it could be convenient.

However, fixed time cb, e.g. 3h classic or 1h blitz, is about using the given amount of time to create a big city. Some of this time you need to spend on planning, some of the time you spend on doing actual construction and some of this time you spend on taking breaks if you need it. If its possible to pause you get a situation where its possible to buy yourself time for decision-making along the way, which I don't think is something you want.

A solution could be to have a fixed break midway in the 3h games. Same idea as in any sports game. Could be possible without messing too much with the game mode, and I would think it is easy to implement.

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Just wanna say that although I do not play much anymore I appreciate it very much that you guys are keeping the servers alive.

Many good memories from these serves <3

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Hi! I got a mail :)

This is unfortunatly a bad time for me as I am in the middle of trying to finish my education. I think I can come and hang ut and spectate a bit though.

[Event] Christmas Event 2016 in General

Sounds cool. Im in!

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Wow that's very cool. Impressive work.

2-way SH125 coal trains do 1.3 trips/year while 1-way SH125 coal trains do 2.1 trips/year. It kind of shows why 1-way starts are almost as good 2-ways.

If you wanna improve it I guess more degrees of freedom is the way to go. As you say custom made trains and maybe even routes would be cool.

[Event] Citymania One year anniversary in General

Saber should do live streaming and commentating :)

[Event] Citymania One year anniversary in General

I'm in!

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That's awesome!

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FIRS cb is all about using the "correct" strategy. If you do that you can build huge cities using just a quarter of the map. And passenger lines are definitely the best for start. Oil might work too because of the high production and easily produced petrol/chemicals which pays well.

I think I vote for a return of the ECS cb. Maybe some tuning can be done to the requirements, as far as i remember everything wasn't very logical. I also think it should be 6 hour rounds so it's more an exercise in strategy than high intensity building.

Christmas Event 2015 in General

I'm afraid it's going to be difficult for me to make it. Christmas family dinner... I'll try to tune in during rhe game at least.

Christmas Event 2015 in General

I'm in!

Christmas event in General

Good idea. I'll most likely be there. Generally I think I can be a bit more active after christmas. :)

Since it's chistmas I vote for doing some arctic stuff :)

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I think it seems like a good adjustment of the rules.

Regarding growing cities, I don't feel like it's overpowered in CB. In order to get valuables, it's still much more effective to connect multiple cities. Growing cities might be better for pax/mail so there is a reasonable balance to it imo.

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Yes, I have no problem understanding what you're saying. But having a score system that is so little suited for competetive gameplay in a tournament/competition seems absurd to me. And I don't think one thing excludes the other. If you look at btpro's events there are players who are pretty clueless and don't have a chance against the better players, yet they seem to be having fun.

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Come on IRC when you wanna play solo :)

Weekly tournament idea in General

Sorry for late reply. I've had some other things to think about lately, and kind of forgot a this a bit.

solo wrote:

As for a point system I would suggest the following:

Tier 1, 2 or 3 winner: 5 points Tier 1, 2 or 3 runner up: 3 points Tier 1, 2 or 3 3rd place: 2 points Tier 1, 2 or 3 4th place: 1 point

This seems weird to me. Most players will pretty much know which tier they'll end up in before they start, and then they can stop playing when they have reached that goal. It's in the nature of a competition to rank players against each other, so something like 5 points to the winner, 4 to 2nd, 3 to 3rd 2 to 4th and 1 for the rest makes more sense to me.

That being said, it's not very important to me how the scoring system works, or if there are prizes or not. What matters is to get some fun games going :)

New command to restart servers and select game mode in General

Might as well have manual start on all 3h cb servers? Or?

Who still wants to do coops? in General

Alrightie. I should be home and online from around 19:00 both wednesday and thursday.

Wow.. 3 twingos? that must be like 1 normal car almost :D

New command to restart servers and select game mode in General

Yeah, I'm already abusing it heavily :D

Who still wants to do coops? in General

There aren't much people playing nowadays, but I still see some people lurking around. So I've got a suggestion:

If we find one day each week which is good for as many as possible, we could meet up once a week and play a game (if we find a good map:)). So, if everybody who is interested makes a post saying which day and maybe timeslots they prefer that would be nice.