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ST2, as I already told you I see absolutely no point in joining citymania with btpro. They're completely different both technically and gameplay-wise and even target players of a different skill level. It's also not really a "solution" for anything as it brings more problems than it solves.

Anyway, citymania servers will be back in a week or two and will even have some new features. I'll leave the details for the announcement. Also citymania client for 1.9.0-beta2 is mostly finished already. There are still some issues to sort out due to 1.9.0 changes so I'm not posting binaries just yet. But it's playable so whoever is ok compiling it can get it here: https://bitbucket.org/citymania/cmclient

Servers closed ? in Bugs

Well, it's not like we haven't tried it all. There were 2 hour CB games at some point but they didn't gain traction. And we already have a lot of short game modes: blitz(1h) cb, 5-10-30k multigoal cb, 15m cash. And Classic 3h CB is going to stay as it is since it's the exact same game mode as it was on Luukland and Novapolis and you can compare scores with those.

As for timetables we were running a lot of servers like that at first and I think Server 6 still does run on timetable. But it didn't really work with that small amount of players. No one showed up on time, even for traditional 9pm game. Besides there isn't rly much room on a map for a several teams going all out. So instead of ingame competition it gradually moved to highscores competition.

Servers closed ? in Bugs

Well, main problem is lack of players really. Average of 1-2 active players isn't quite enough to justify running 10 servers 24/7 tbh. And how to attract more players I've no idea. I tried doing cool new features and events but people don't seem to be interested. And openttd itself slowly dying doesn't help either.

On a bright side we can keep it running pretty much forever, just maintenance going to be like that, whenever someone has time for it. Currently we've already restored everything after the crash and are ready to launch servers again. I'm just holding it off for a few days to make it easier to do some improvements I've never managed to finish previously. Nothing too impressive but it will make maintaining servers easier in future.

Btw Openttd 1.9 will also bring some interesting features for CB. But we'll likely have to wait for it till April.

Servers closed ? in Bugs

Not exactly closed, more like abandoned. By both players and admins sadly. At some point server died and so far neither me nor da seem to have time and enthusiasm to fully restore it.

Low map loading speed in General


Do you still have this issue? I've been checking since your post and never saw anything like that, map load is always pretty much instantaneous for me. Please make sure it's not an issue with your ISP. Also if it happens again, please attach traceroute output, that may help investigating it.

[Fixed] who stole the jewel in the desert in Bugs

Fixed, thank you!

How to use Polyrail? in General

Hello! No, there is no offline client anymore, but you can get Simple CB gamescript which is somewhat similar to our classic CB servers.

[Not a bug] Power Up Transport 10k units from each cargo on ECS server in Bugs

In ECS wiki

[Not a bug] Power Up Transport 10k units from each cargo on ECS server in Bugs

Hello! It's not an error, you can build water supply in temperate if you raise land to lvl 15.

How to receive EXP in General


You get EXP for completing quests, goals, or getting a decent score on a timed server (like blitz cb or 3h cb).

Probably the easiest way to get it is to complete small goals like 5/10/30k cb or 15 mil. Like you get about 8 exp each time you do 5k town. You get more exp for larger goals, but you need to make sure to complete them, doing 900mil out of 1bil still gives you nothing.

There is also relative exp that you get for improving your scores, you need to score more than once on same game mode to get it.

How to use Polyrail? in General

It's a patch for OpenTTD, you need to download CityMania client to use it (or any other patchpack that has it).

IRC in General

Ah, who cares, stupid IRC :/

But thanks for reporting.

[Not a bug] IKEA [6] 20 Store 33k of Goods in one station in Bugs

What do you mean? It will be complete as long as you have at least 33000 crates of goods on your station at the time of check.

[Not a bug] IKEA [6] 20 Store 33k of Goods in one station in Bugs

Server does periodic checks for quests completion rather than detecting it immediately. So it takes a bit of luck to get it to 33k right when server does the check.

[Won't fix] CB-3Y-Tropical Climate, food issue in Bugs

Food acceptance comes from small houses, simple ones give 1/8 (you can see it with tile info tool) so you need 8 of them. And ones with fences give 2/8, so even less of those. From what I can see on screenshot you only have 6 small houses, so you're 2 away from getting the acceptance. And you seem to have total of 9 houses which is even less than 10 you're allowed to claim. So dunno what happened there but usually it's very easy to get about 15 houses with a bit of funding before it starts really requiring food and that should be plenty for food acceptance.

It's technically possible to give food acceptance to water tower with newgrfs, but it's probably not going to happen on classic servers as those are kept with pretty much same settings as they were on Luukland.

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Hey man! Going hardcore on chill reddit servers huh? ;) Anyway, nice to see you still playing.

Btw, have you seen Mashinky? It's a new trains game releasing on 6 Oct. Looks quite promising even though base mechanics are still kind of crap imo. I was thinking of mb doing some streams to check it out and discuss a possibility of hosting it servers on CityMania.

[Won't fix] CB-3Y-Tropical Climate, food issue in Bugs

I know it's a quite confusing but that initial food requirement is a part of base game, not our server mod so it's hard to do anything about it.

But there are a some ways to deal with it so it's not that big of an issue actually. First of all, if you fund buildings in your town can still grow without food up to some point. Also small towns (<60 pop) don't require food at all.

As for station coverage you can use spreading (aka distant joins, hold ctrl while placing stations) so you can easily cover your entire town without destroying anything. And you can place your HQ in other town temporarily, destroy some buildings and claim the town you want.

P.S. Your screenshot is way too small to see anything on it.

[Event] CityMania Two Year Anniversary Tournament in General

ST2 wrote:

I just don't understand why this text was added on the BTPro post:

We have differen rules than BTPro servers, but ours are more permissive so you'll be fine if you just follow BTPro ones. Though you might want to learn some nifty tricks that aren't allowed on BTPro ;)

It was added to let BTPro players know that our rules are compatible enough that they don't have to spend time learning them if they just want to drop in and have some fun. But if they're dead serious on winning this tournament there will be some advantage to understanding the differences between the rules and using tricks our rules allow.

And if you didn't notice I specificaly modified the announcement to focus on our advantages and refrain from anything that might be veiwed as me stating that BTPro is some way inferior, be it gameplay or rules. Every rule has advantages and disadvantages to having it and the're is'n any "right" or "wrong" choice here. In fact different rulesets reflect different philosophies of our communities and serve to shape up a different gameplay. All of that is trully wonderful since allows more variety for players, there woulnd't be much sense in keeping having different communities if they were exactly the same.

So, in case of spreading, yes, we won't be having super-long trains any time soon, but in turn we keep players from getting in a situations where they can by accident or temptation break that super-complex spreading rule. And some of such cases are nearly imposible for moderators to notice thus calling in question validity of the highscores.

ST2 wrote:

So, yeah, won't play anything "to learn some nifty tricks that aren't allowed on BTPro" ^^

It's rules that separate tricks from cheats so you need to be perfectly aware of all the nuances in the rules to be able to push the limits of your gameplay and devise new tricks and tactics. And knowing only one side of the picture isn't enough, you also need to learn what exactly isn't allowed to avoid using it. Or, alternatively, propose a change in rules. Our community has enough examples when rules were changed to accommodate new cool tricks invented by players.

[Event] CityMania Two Year Anniversary Tournament in General

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention that we have test server running this event setup so you can practice there.

[Event] CityMania Two Year Anniversary Tournament in General

Since I added forum mentioning notifications let's put them to some use.

Saber lol solo Martin Gelidis despr Shader vGelder Nice_guy HSquishy rath tommyk HonzaSabCZE Kalic sergunff Meld TWAIN

What do you guys think about this event, will you be able to participate?

P.S Feel free to mention more people in case I forgot someone since that's our only method of sending notifications currently ^^