Documentation Request: What are new features / changes from OpenTTD client? in General

Yeah, I want to do some nice article or video about all the additional features one day but so far the best is to just read the complete changelog (from bottom to top).

Client goes black screen then crashes | Windows 11 in Bugs

Yeah, it's a know bug that cmclient shows black screen if there is no baseset installed. So you need to download it in some way. In your case steam version comes with the baseset so when you copied it you got the baseset as well, that't why it fixed itself.

I plan to fix this bug in the next release.

[Won't fix for now] Minesweeper server kick in Bugs

Minesweeper mode is still in early development and it's already a miracle it works at all since it goes against the very nature of OpenTTD multiplayer design. I shut the server down until it's fixed which likely won't be any soon as right now I don't even see any technical possibility to fix all the issues so it would require some changes in OpenTTD itself to make it work.

[Fixed] Client crash building intercontinental airport in Bugs

@dP wrote:

I can confirm a crash when switching to some airport types that aren't yet available. Is that what you mean?

Nope. I chose "build intercontinental aiport" and client crashes.

[Fixed in vanilla] Click in station list opens wrong station in 1.11.2 (#9337) in Bugs

Seems to be a vanilla bug actually

[Fixed in vanilla] Click in station list opens wrong station in 1.11.2 (#9337) in Bugs

I'm unable to reproduce this, can you provide more details? For example, post your game save. Also please check that this bug doesn't reproduce in vanilla openttd.

[Fixed] CityMania client 1.11.0 crashes when building bus stops in Bugs

Yeah, that's a known issue, it's already fixed on the github and will be in the next release.

CityMania client with blueprints (copy&paste) beta-testing in General

Ok, I fixed multiplayer issue but didn't have time to look at signals yet. Download links are updated.

CityMania client with blueprints (copy&paste) beta-testing in General

Yes, for now it's somewhat limited because of both technical reasons and concerns for the possibility of it being used for griefing. If things go well I plan to add some kind of saving "slots" for the blueprints in the future but right now you have to copy it every time. Don't see any reason to increase the size limit though.

Also, Borgi what are you using it for? Can you show some pictures of your copied elements? I'm very curious because, as I said, I personally didn't find it very useful.

CityMania client with blueprints (copy&paste) beta-testing in General

UPD: Copy-paste feature is now included in the main client distribution, you can get it in the client section.

While 1.11 beta is underway, I want to drop a different kind of "beta": CityMania client 1.10.3 with blueprints (aka copy&paste) patch.

Even though it's a widely requested patch I've never quite understood why and the only reason I did it now is because that was relatively easy with all the recent changes in CityMania client. It's not a fully finished feature yet, I'm fully aware there are some minor graphical glitches, and the way it builds stuff isn't exactly perfect but it should still be good enough in general.

And at this point, I'm looking for feedback to figure out what direction should further development go. Do you think this tool is useful for your playstyle and if so, why? What are you copying with it, can you show some pictures? What should be added or changed about it? Leave your comments here or mention me on CityMania discord server.

Also, to be clear, it's perfectly fine to use the copy&paste tool on CityMania. But for other servers, you may want to check it with the server admin first even though I personally find it relatively useless in competitive play and don't see any reason for it not to be allowed.

Currently, copy&paste tool only works for rail infrastructure. To use it click on the button with a blue sign in the rail building toolbar (it's the same button as a land purchase but in the rail toolbar instead of landscaping). Then mark the area you want to copy and place the copied stuff wherever you want it. You can rotate the copy by pressing the middle mouse button (can be changed to smth else in hotkeys.cfg).

Download links (updated to beta2):

1.10.3 update in General

Not much on OpenTTD side this time, just some minor fixes, but a lot of new stuff for CityMania client:

  • Option to configure modifier key (Shift/Ctrl/Alt) behavior. You can also now set remove modifier to a separate key (I recommend shift, instead of estimation) so it can be used together with Fn (Ctrl). Definitely check it out if you were a fan of removing rails with Ctrl as it allows to use remove modifier with other tools like station and signals.
  • Rail depots now show preview when building them which makes autorotation mode much easier to use. There are also plans to do previews for other tools in the future as well.
  • cmtreemap console command that populates the map with trees according to a png image, similar to the heightmap. Very useful for creating realistic maps in the scenario editor.
  • Colored tile highlights should now also work with 32bpp sprites.
  • Option to shade trees depending on the slope they're on so that terrain is more visible under the foliage (best used with OpenGFX).
  • Option to show the APM counter on the status bar.
  • Other small fixes and features, see the changelog for more details.

1.10.3 update teaser

[Fixed] Tram platform bug in Bugs

Fixed in 1.10.2 cmclient

Starting quests - Step by step in General

Hi! Unfortunately quest servers are down atm. There are plans to bring them back but will probably take a few months as some coding is required. Until then it's not possible to do quests, but you can play on our goal servers.

  1. Chat commands are just regular chat messages that start with ! sign. So to login you just say !login your_name your_password. And, ofc, even if you send it publically it won't be broadcasted to other players, just don't forget to start with !.
  2. Unless changed in hotkeys.cfg you chat by pressing the Enter key, you can read more about chatting here. What you seem to be opening (presisng ~ I guess) is the console and even though it contains chat history it's not the chat itself. And CityMania chat commands are handled by the server extension and are not part of the default game so they don't show in the console commands
  3. OpenTTD is updated regularly and different versions of the game aren't network compatible with each other. So you have to use the exact same version that server uses. If you have a different one server will be marked with a red circle and you see that "incompatible version" message. We on CityMania try to run servers on the most recent version of the game but we may have the duplicates of certain servers in older version. Also sometimes game mode requires additional effort to update it and can be running on the old version for a while (that's the reason why 3h city-builder is still stuck on 1.8, for example). Usually you just chose from whatever servers are running the same version as you are but if you absolutely want to join a certain server you'll have to download the same version of the game that it uses.
[Fixed] Tram platform bug in Bugs

Yeah, I had the same issue yesterday as well xD But thanks for reporting anyway, I'll try to fix it before the next release.

FEED RSS/ATOM in General

Yeah, wiki is managed by darulezzz, hope he gets this ping and fixes it ;)

We don't have any feed and tbh the aren't many news so never even considered making one. I do plan to post them to our discord though in future (

Mass reset of 1.9.0-1.9.2 scores in General

As it turns out a number of bugs were introduced in 1.9.0 version of our server that affected town growth making it much faster than it was supposed to be. Unfortunately no one reported them so those bugs went unnoticed for quite some time and were only fixed in 1.9.3 release. Thus now that we stopped running 1.9.2 servers I've reset all CB scores for 1.9.0-1.9.2 versions to keep it fair. Also there was a different bug when some company received money from server. Fortunately it didn't happen very often but still few cash goal scores were reset as well.

1.10.0-beta1 in General

Looks like this time 1.10 will be out before April. And it actually has interesting new stuff some of which I'd like to highlight.

  1. You can now search town by name in town directory.
  2. Some station and town areas highlights were added. Though zoning patch in CityMania client is still better in my opinion.
  3. For a long time there were some shenanigans with station catchment but now it's all gone and every tile you build is adding exactly what it shows to the coverage zone. So old trick with adding rail stations/docks/airports to enlarge catchment are no longer useful. It poses some issues since 3h CB strategy somewhat relied on that so to counterbalance it we may switch classic cb to use non-realistic catchment (range is 4 tiles for everything). Also canals may be allowed as well since exploiting them no longer possible.
  4. One more ancient bug was found that apparently pax/mail production of a house was proportional to a square of it population instead of being linear. So, basically, large towns generated unreasonably large amounts of pax and mail. Since implications of this change for classic CB modes are huge those will have to stay with the old behavior. But we'll use the new one for everything else including new CB modes since they only require % of town production to be transported and aren't significantly affected by this change.
  5. Airplanes can now crash on a short runway even with crashes disabled in settings. So we'll be switching to using no crash cheat wherever applicable.
  6. There is now an option to make it so that industries with builtin stations (like Oil rigs) will require those to be used for taking/supplying cargo. We'll be using that so it won't be possible anymore to just make some rails over the sea and take all that juicy oil.

CityMania client 1.10.0-beta1 is also out and have some improvements of its own so check it out.

Servers down? in General

Hi, that's very strange because they were running and some players have clearly been playing on them. However there seems to be some issue with their advertisement to a master server so they weren't appearing on a server list. Not sure what's the cause, I'll keep an eye on it.

[Fixed] Client crash on autosave - proposed fix in Bugs

Oh, I thought I fixed that, thanks for reporting! Will include in 1.9.2 or mb sooner if that doesn't come.

P.S. Sorry, I accidentally edited your post. I'll try to restore it but even if I don't it's ok, I'll remember this issue and definitely fix it.

hit the pause... in General

In a long rung I was thinking of doing some kind of "pro zone". I.e. servers that you need to qualify to play on and that run some advanced game modes like 3h CB. Also we can have modes with max of 1 company there and some kind of pausing mechanism. Like making a command to pause but you can only use 15 minutes of pause in total.