Starting quests - Step by step in General

dP wrote:

Hi! Unfortunately quest servers are down atm. There are plans to bring them back but will probably take a few months as some coding is required. Until then it's not possible to do quests, but you can play on our goal servers.

  1. Chat commands are just regular chat messages that start with ! sign. So to login you just say !login your_name your_password. And, ofc, even if you send it publically it won't be broadcasted to other players, just don't forget to start with !.
  2. Unless changed in hotkeys.cfg you chat by pressing the Enter key, you can read more about chatting here. What you seem to be opening (presisng ~ I guess) is the console and even though it contains chat history it's not the chat itself. And CityMania chat commands are handled by the server extension and are not part of the default game so they don't show in the console commands
  3. OpenTTD is updated regularly and different versions of the game aren't network compatible with each other. So you have to use the exact same version that server uses. If you have a different one server will be marked with a red circle and you see that "incompatible version" message. We on CityMania try to run servers on the most recent version of the game but we may have the duplicates of certain servers in older version. Also sometimes game mode requires additional effort to update it and can be running on the old version for a while (that's the reason why 3h city-builder is still stuck on 1.8, for example). Usually you just chose from whatever servers are running the same version as you are but if you absolutely want to join a certain server you'll have to download the same version of the game that it uses.

Hi, i'm a big fan, but of course It is true that good time has passed.

I tried to play on your servers about in 2013, there was a 3 hour city builder mod. I remember that there were so many online people, there was a hell, there was a lot going on on the map at the same time, there're a 3 starts, every hour, and every time so many people waited when will the game start

Maybe before you completely shut down the servers, you should try patreon?