Forum Suggestion: Add development section in Suggestions

It would be a good idea to add a new Forum section to discuss CityMania development. As far as I can deduce from the github logs, this is a one man project, but like OpenTTD, I believe the CityMania client will age like fine wine, and more devs will discover this over time.

It could be useful to have a section to discuss new features, bug reports, and generally provide an on-ramp for new contributors.

I was able to build the client on Ubuntu, the process was quite simple! But navigating the codebase is another issue, I'm not new to C++, but I am new to the OpenTTD code, and could use some tips on where to go dig for knowledge and resources related to development. And also how CityMania is integrated into the base OpenTTD, how it's separated and what not.

I know writing documentation is every developers favorite past time, but doesn't hurt to ask :-P

Idea: Open source the website in General

The forum implementation, while it works, is quite basic and could use some TLDR. I'm a web dev, so might be able to help out.

I realize it's probably "not that simple" since it would likely involve setting up CI and what not, but it's worth considering...

Documentation Request: What are new features / changes from OpenTTD client? in General

I know you already know this, but this client is amazing. It improves the OpenTTD experience in some really significant ways. It's really hard for me to go back to the vanilla client now. Hope you and the rest of the contributors keep working on it!

CityMania client with blueprints (copy&paste) beta-testing in General

Can't wait to try this on my masterpiece, the 4 LLRR mainline to LR subline xD

Event Request: Noob weekend in General

I've built a few junctions here and there, but to be honest I'm still a noob at OpenTTD. There's a lot to learn about!

It would be neat to have an event where an experienced player and a noob player are paired up in the same company and the experienced player could set up some stations and have the noob player emulate their design in a sub-line or something like that.

It would also be neat to work on junctions as a team. I'm totally consumed with OpenTTD lately, so I just want to keep the community alive and this project seems pretty awesome, especially seeing all the work that has gone into the client.

OpenTTD 4 life!

Documentation Request: What are new features / changes from OpenTTD client? in General

I discovered the client by joining one of your servers and landing on this site. It's clear right from the get go the client has a lot of nice features that the base OpenTTD client does not have, but what's not clear to me is what those features are.

I'm especially interested in reading what new shortcuts you added and other quality of life improvements that make the game more enjoyable to play.

Thanks in advance!