Citymania server organization in General

lol wrote:

A double firs server seems a bit overkill to me. You are right that primair industries spawn in a group. Maybe we can make them available from !restart at server 4(should be doable because server 0 can do it too). Please note firs has more ways to start a game, for example oil or passengers/mail instead of coal.

Maybe we can do some games with another grf(I was thinking about a vehicles or industries) too, I don't know what our grf policy is(guess we don't have one so maybe make one). I know a lot of big goal servers playing with the default trains. Maybe we can attract some be players by some other train set.


Perhaps it's a bit overkill.

I understand what you mean about Firs start ups. I just tend to favour coal as a start up with only just starting to play the set, I'm sure I'll try the others as I move up.

What sort of trainset GRFs did you have in mind?

Citymania server organization in General

I wouldn't like to see "GameScript CityBuilder servers (#14, #16, #17)" disappear, we get enjoy playing on them. Though if it's too much effort to keep them going we'd understand.

How about an ECS CityBuilder? Or does FIRS cover that. Perhaps another FIRS server, it can be pretty hard to get going if one person has already got hold of the coal mines (they all seem to spawn in a big clump)