Where are the servers? in General

Still all gone.

[Fixed] Using double/quad GUI settings, the cargo window has overlapping text in Bugs

Patch at http://discord.ensued.net/citymania_cargo_zoomed_gui.patch

[Fixed] Not getting points from non-quest games in Bugs

I can't say if everything's perfect, but !quest is showing me the level 9 quests (and no other quests), so that part seems good. I've not completed a quest yet to say if that works.


[Fixed] Not getting points from non-quest games in Bugs

I've completed all of the L8 quests, but L9 isn't available to me because I don't have enough exp for L9. So I played a couple of games on server 3 (goal) and got points (both relative and absolute), but the progress bar is still showing "Lvl 8 (95/125)" and hasn't changed despite these games.

Do I need to be playing citybuilder games in order to get points (in which case the message could probably usefully be tweaked: right now, it just says "other servers"), or is something broken?

Thanks and happy holidays.

[Fixed] !listgm / !restart broken/disabled on servers 1 and 2 in Bugs

I think this is since the version bump. !listgm now shows "No game modes on this server". !restart shows "This server uses timetable and can't be restarted". This is on both servers 1 and 2.

Thinking of slighly changing the rules in General

Regarding crashing your own vehicles: note that there are at least two quests that require this (crash 100 airplanes, crash some number of trains that I forget).

[Obsolete] Server 2 regularly misses its 12:00 start in Bugs

I've now seen this several times: I log in to server 2 shortly after 12:00 CEST and it's failed to start its game, showing the next start as being 18:00 CEST.

Quest / Goal servers? in General

Awesome! Thank you!

Quest / Goal servers? in General

The quest servers were my very favourite thing about Novapolis (and before that, Luukland). I see them listed, but not online. Is there a plan for when they'll appear? (And the same question, to a lesser extent, about the goal servers.)