Support and donation in General

Even though I don't play anymore I think what you guys have done is great, ill be happy to donate aswell.

Christmas event in General

Hi There,

Thanks for the positive replies :). I do not have that access but if you give it to me as well as some explanation on how to config stuff (last time I made an event map was for thedude and it took me ages to figure it out properly) I might be able to come up with something fun.

Ye 6h is indeed a bit long for a money game however i feel 3h is to short. Maybe somewhere in between? 20 years ingame or so?

Christmas event in General

Hey hey,

Do we have something planned for Christmas? Otherwise is it possible to generate something for us. I want to go for some toys, sweets and fizzy drinks income war (no industry funding) on a big map. What do you guys think?

6-12h (or somewhere in between) game on Sunday the 27th starting at 12 so we can all play?



Weekly tournament idea in General

Hi there,

As the score setup was just an idea it is good to know how y'all think about it. I would also prefer some replies from "lower tier" players, maybe they have some swell ideas on this topic too.

We will go further with mixing of multiple ideas and points of views after that i think.



Weekly tournament idea in General

Agreed, thanks for the input.

I was thinking of using a/the server that we can manually restart to the setup we want, like server 4. But then perhaps we should have a "secret" unpause command to make sure it doesnt get started by somebody randomly joining the server :D. But it can be a pickle if more people are in the server and refuse to leave because we need 1 man to be able to restart it to the desired setting. However setting it up early by some1 could avoid it being restarted into something else. That shouldnt be much to code imo, but you're right the guys already put in a ton of effort and for this we will need a little bit more.

About the point system I was thinking of doing it manually by having an end-pause savegame that i can figure out quietly later, after the game is over. Then having the point ranking being somewhere here on the website.

You're right that it needs some thinking about not being able to play all games, as it would clearly have a disadvantage. Having a minimum required played games for end-ranking and using the average, or the best rankings of the top 50% of the games could be something.

I agree totally, we need more user input, and i do not see much interest here yet unfortunately :).

As for me, I might go off-grid or semi off-grid for a while. Me and my gf decided to break up and we have a house together and we need to split up everything properly and make a lot of arrangements ofcourse. Dont feel bad for me, I think this might be a very good thing because we have had a rough period together lately.

Speak you soon,


Weekly tournament idea in General

Hi guys,

I've been having some thoughts lately, which are quite similar as they were in the past funnily...

I was thinking off a weekly tournament. The idea is to have a tournament day every week, lets for example say Wednesday evening, however that is still open for discussion. With each tournament you can score points which eventually will end up in a overall winner. I have discussed also with gelidis about what kind of point system we should use in this format. We were not really on the same page however, so see this topic just as a start were everything is still flexible with user input. Dspr also had a good idea to use tier systems, and I want to start building on that idea for now.

We pick a game mode each week. This can be either firs, ecs, or normal game, on tropical, temperate, arctic or even toyland. Let's use different starting years each week with a different climate. My idea for the climates and starting years:

-1950 temp 3h -1990 temp 3h -1950 tropic 3h -1985 tropic 3h -1950 arctic 3h -1985 arctic 3h -1985 toyland 3h -1985 firs temp 3h -1985 ecs temp 3h -1990 blitz temp 1h -1990 blitz tropic 1h

As for a point system I would suggest the following:

Tier 1, 2 or 3 winner: 5 points Tier 1, 2 or 3 runner up: 3 points Tier 1, 2 or 3 3rd place: 2 points Tier 1, 2 or 3 4th place: 1 point

As for where the boundaries of each tier are I think we should discuss that further. As not all people play all climates it can be really hard to place people in tiers. For example for 1990 cb temperate 3h i would go for tier 1: >80k, tier 2: 50-80k, tier 3: <50k. For the other climates and starting years these boundaries all need to be defined properly before we go into tournament mode. I will come back to that later with my own idea for this. People are placed in tiers by using their own insights, however also looking at their personal bests and making a good estimate of peoples abilities will be part of this. This point system however, does require a good amount of players. I would like to ask everybody that is interested to point it out so we can go into further steps. Ofcourse it is not reasonable to have only 1 player in tier x to get max points everytime he comes online..

This is all just baby-steps into creating an interesting perspective of playing openttd on Citymania. Also people are quite common to wait for coop partners, even though they are quite capable of going deep themselves. Maybe this will interest more people to play alone when no partners show up, and get more companies/players to duke it out. As for my personal experience, playing alone is good stuff and can be quite statisfactioning.

As for every competition needs a reward, I am willing to put a decent prize on this. As I cannot think of anything else for now I will stick with a money prize. Then I will be competing aswell in order to win my money back :D. Will come into more detail on this if we can move this along further.

So, Lets get this topic open for discussion. I really need a good view on how many people are interested in this. As for what you can read above I want to get this tournament to be as much interesting for good players as well as for lesser players, so everybody has a fair chance to go for the crown of weekly tournament champion!



Who still wants to do coops? in General

That was pretty fun! Lets plan another one soon


Who still wants to do coops? in General

Lets plan something for next week. I got some free time in the evening with my gf on holidays. Lets see who else is up for it, most likely Wednesday or Thursday for me