Starting quests - Step by step in General

Heya, a bit late to the party, but I finally found time to take the wiki back alive !

so you can have a look over there, but as dP was mentioning, it seems they do not work at the moment, unfortunately...

Where are the servers? in General

dP wrote:

Hi darulezzz I did some script to restart them without cron so it's not like they've been off this whole time. I just forgot to reply here.

Awesome, refreshing news ;) So it is not that bad in the end, I really need to get back to work =]

Where are the servers? in General

sircus wrote:

Still all gone.

Oh my, I was sure they were there. I will put them back as soon as I can, I am migrating the server too..

[Event] CityMania Two Year Anniversary Tournament in General

Hey, I'm in, it's been so long I did not find time to have some trains =]

Shall we post it on reddit ?

[Event] Christmas Event 2016 in General

Aye, it was a fun event, I was a bit laggy maybe because of the streaming, so I gave up at some point. I also had troubles with how cb was working, I guess I didn't pay attention to hints ;)

Regarding attendance, it's just the openttd community who is not that huge (usually less than 10 redditors avg). There was some viewers on twitch, up to 8 ^^ Also game was a bit hard to start getting real money, .

I liked the planes, the map was fun, those snowy teddy bears were strange but why not. Protection in city for destruction was interesting. Trainset was disturbing (upgrading to monorail without upgrading rails), but improvement over time was great. Didn't like the design of trains, I somehow prefer to have real trains.

Overall it was working perfectly, without any bugs. I would like to have some cb goals with those trainsets, planes, and settings, could be challenging. The cb mode is a bit complex, so we could have it as an option on the extreme hard game server.

Thanks dP for everything.

[Event] Christmas Event 2016 in General

It's about to start. Twitch link for anyone :

[Event] Christmas Event 2016 in General

Posted on reddit, if anyone as a nice picture to put there, keep me updated ;)

[Event] Christmas Event 2016 in General

I had a look to server Test, I will need to play with it as I have no idea what is going on (that train set ^^), but yeah, I will be there. Will stream on twitch also.

If you have other availability we could think of moving the event, but 28th seems to be a good try.

Hello ! in General

Hi indon, for quest tips, you should head to the wiki, there is lots of good information there, you can even complete them if needed.

[Event] Citymania One year anniversary in General

Indeed, but where is Saber ;) He sounds busy =]

[Event] Citymania One year anniversary in General

I was wondering, is it hard to setup live streaming ? Would be nice, twitch might be perfect. I can't host it as my connection is still bad (600 kbps upload...).

[Event] Citymania One year anniversary in General

Hi all,

So one year ago, we started the CityMania servers, which is the John Snow son of Novapolis and Luukland servers. We decided to keep the basics of those communities (quests, custom server citybuilder mod, blitz servers...) and we also did rebuild the whole website, and the user system linked to it. We are pretty happy with what we did and it's a good time to do an event.

We will play a classic CB based on our advanced citybuilder server mod, and we might even try the new system if we are confident with it.

Date : Sunday, June 5th at 19:00 CEST

Game Mode: 100K temperate 4h (16 years), new CB server mod.

Goal of the game: Reach population of 100,000 people in claimed town


If you are interested and can be around, let us know by commenting in this thread, we'll reserve a spot for you.

The game should be either by team or by single player.

You can help us for the testing of the event by joining the irc or the server 0, where we should do the latest tests on the event. Some advertisement on reddit could be done (@MeSaber if you are around ;))

Citymania server organization in General

So now we have the new server, we can keep it up with this reorganisation. Based on dP's advices, something like this ?

  • Cash server (#1,#2,#3,#4) : Available Modes : cash [15M|50M|100M|500M|1B|2B|15B| [temp|tropic?|arctic?]
  • GameScript CityBuilder servers (#5, #6, #7) : Available Modes : cbgs [2h|3h] [5k|10k|30k] [temp|tropic?] [1980,1990]
  • Quest servers (#8,#9,#10): Available Modes : quest (6h) [normal|ecs|firs?] [temp|tropic] [1980,1985]
  • ECS[/FIRS] CityBuilder server (#11,#12) : Available Modes : cb [3h|4h|6h] [firs?|ecs] [temp] [1980,1990?]
  • Classic blitz CityBuilder server (#13,#14) : Available Modes : blitz (1h) [temp|tropic|arctic|toyland] [1980?,1990]
  • Classic 3 hour CityBuilder servers (#15, #16, #17) : Available Modes : citybuilder [2h|3h] [temp|tropic|arctic?] [1950,1970,1980,1985,1990]
  • Full custom server on demand (#18, #19) : Available Modes : most of them
  • Event server (#20)
  • Test server (#0)

Also, I'm wondering, but do we need to have the server number shown ? It's mainly internal, so we could have just citybuilder server 1 2 3, cash server 1 2 3 4, or even other names like server gloubiboulda etc ?

How to build Karlstein in General

cuma wrote:

Could someone please explain how to build Karlstein.

I checked the wiki.

I've tried several times to build it, but it all failed.

Error messege is same, "Karlstein requires sloped land".

Points that I've tried to fund tourist centre

Thanks for reading.

Hi, To me it seems the slope setup is not correct, the extremes north tiles seems to be a bit higher. Otherwise it should work, ask online/irc next time, maybe some citymania staff will be there.

Support and donation in General

Hi all,

Citymania is doing great, we are having a great game experience and a small-but-growing community of players following us. We can handle more and we would love to have crowded servers, but this is not mandatory.

Right now the hosting is provided by me and my company, for free, and most of the time we put on it is provided solely by dP and a bit from our moderators team. In order to have more options in the future, we would like to open a donation page, for whoever feel like spending some coins in our community. Our idea would be to mostly spend it on valuable time from our dev team (which is mostly dP ^^) and server cost, which should be around 20€/month.

So I will probably add a donation page with a classic Paypal button, or maybe a a crowdfunding campaign would be interesting.

Let me know what do you think of everything

Citymania server organization in General

Let's sum up :

  • Some people want some more cash goals, per company introduction is not working, so we can go right now with cash servers, and the testing we did on server0 was good.
  • gamescript server might die, but we could keep them as is for now as there are some fans. Can we make our classic citybuilder work with goal like first to 30k pop ?
  • quest servers are indeed unique to us, and is quite entertaining. I have however no idea how it is done and how hard it could be to be improved. I would like to have some goals with FIRS also (dP do you think it could be doable and not too complex ?)
  • Improved newgrf graphics : I saw that thread on reddit, and I was wondering if would of interest to have a sexy citybuilder mode
  • I think the restart command is golden, and I don't see the point of timetabled game anymore. This is related to the fact we don't have too much users, so it's always doable to restart a already started game. But still what do you think shall we keep the timetabled game ? I think this part of the code could be put on holidays. So I would propose to make all servers restartable within the available modes
  • We could have some more settings on the length of games, I guess this would be not so hard to implement but again, dP has the answer.

Here is a proposal for the new server mapping :

  • Quest servers (#1,#2,#3): Available Modes : quest (6h) [normal|ecs|firs?] [temp|tropic] [1980,1985]
  • Classic 3 hour CityBuilder servers (#4, #5, #6) : Available Modes : citybuilder [2h|3h] [temp|tropic|arctic?] [1950,1970,1980,1985,1990]
  • Classic blitz CityBuilder server (#7,#8) : Available Modes : blitz (1h) [temp|tropic|arctic|toyland] [1980?,1990]
  • Cash server (#9,#10,#11) : Available Modes : cash [15M|50M|100M|500M|1B|2B|15B| [temp|tropic?|arctic?]
  • ECS/FIRS CityBuilder server (#12,#13) : Available Modes : cb [3h|4h|6h] [firs?|ecs] [temp] [1980,1990?]
  • GameScript CityBuilder servers (#14, #15,#16) : Available Modes : cbgs [2h|3h] [5k|10k|30k] [temp|tropic?] [1980,1990]
  • Event server (#20)
  • Test server (#0)

All options with question mark are just ideas, some might not be worth it. I think our ranking system can handle any kind of settings, so it will just make a bigger page for best scores, but with some design improvements it should be fine.

Cash 1 Billion in General

SJF wrote:

I see that the £1bn cash server has disappeared. Is this permanent?

Nope, it was setup on the test server (server0) and thus it could change. But we plan to have regular cash servers anytime soon, so don't worry ;)

Citymania server organization in General

So we now have a good server platform, with a good flexibility, performances are good, and we are having more and more players, which is nice. We will have to do some maintenance, like moving to another server, we might even deploy the platform between several servers (we use docker, which is great for that), and thus we could also take some time to think on what kind of servers we want at the same time.

Right now we have :

  • Quest servers (#1 and #2)
  • Cash server (#3)
  • Classic 3 hour CityBuilder servers (#4, #5, #6)
  • Classic blitz CityBuilder server (#7)
  • Event server (#9)
  • FIRS CityBuilder server (#12)
  • GameScript CityBuilder servers (#14, #16, #17)
  • Test server (#0)

We might get rid of the gamescripts servers as it doesn't add lots of value and it cost us some time to maintain.

I would like to try to have some more cash servers, maybe another quest server, and maybe a bunch of freetoplay server (which mean you can decide with the awesome reset feature, what you want to play). I also liked the old goal servers from nova, and I wold like to try some long goal servers.

So yeah, let us hear what you would like to have in there.

Christmas Event 2015 in General

about the time and length of the game, shall we still start @12PM if we do only 4 hours ? I will also have troubles to be here @12PM as I will be in a car at that time. Will join as soon as I can, but 2PM would be purfect.

Christmas Event 2015 in General

hey Saber, could you post a link on reddit or should I ?